All of our leggings are available in a size free (also referred to as medium). We also offer small, large, extra large and tall sizes for our most popular leggings. If you really like a pair of leggings and don't see it in other than medium, contact us. If you're willing to wait, we'll have it manufactured just for you!

Our size free product fits a 22-33" waist comfortably, hips to 40" and typically have an outseam of 35-36". Most of our leggings have a 9" rise in the front and a 10" rise in the back, unless you are looking at a high-waisted item (which will be evident in the photos and by the description). You can find accurate sizing info in the product description.

Our large product fits a 28-40" waist comfortably, hips to 50" and have an outseam of 36-37" with a 10" rise. Our extra large is just a tiny bit larger in proportions than the large.

For tall women, we offer our custom cut tall size. Our tall size fits a 23-33" waist, hips to 40", 10" rise and have a 42" outseam. Our super tall will fit all the way down to the low ankle for women to 6'4".

If you still have questions about our sizes, don't hesitation to contact us via phone or e-mail. We work some pretty crazy hours so if you don't reach us immediately, leave your name and number and we'll get right back to you!

Phone: 1-904-616-0211